Agile, mid-market solutions provider

Investing across a broad range of credit-oriented asset types, favouring high embedded cash flow or hard-asset backing.

Investment philosophy

Our credit-oriented investment philosophy is underpinned by a rigorous, data-driven approach to underwriting and preservation of capital, supported by rapid cash generation and dynamic asset management.






typical investment size

We seek out exceptional opportunities by combining localised origination, underwriting and asset management expertise.


We look for off-the-run investments in the mid-market, leveraging deep, localised networks to find opportunities where capital is scarce and where we can define competitive advantages in providing solutions to often complex situations.


We focus on capital preservation, cash flow and asset-backing along the path to generating exceptional risk-adjusted returns. Deal assessment combines fundamental research, data-driven analysis, tailored structuring and a clear, executable asset management strategy for each investment.

Asset Solution

An actively engaged master servicing approach, led by our captive team based across 5 European offices plus Mumbai, with servicing and monitoring requirements tailored to geography and asset type by utilising best-in-class local partners, continually informed by data captured from our own portfolio and the wider market.